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    Khutnah.com is a non-profit website, denoted to muslims world wide and provided by AlMaghrib Institute. This website provides you with khutbahs written or translated by AlMaghrib Professors to be used in any Friday Prayer khutbah.

    Most khutbahs and articles on this website are provided in english and many other languages, including French, Spanish, German ...etc. (Please Check our language list for more details)
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Khutbah.com – Complete List of Khutbahs (اردو)

- A Taste of AlMaghrib: AlMaghrib Insitute Seminar Excerpts

  1. N/A

- Allah and His Angels

  1. N/A

- Community

  1. N/A

- Education and Seeking Knowledge

  1. اسلامی اسکول-کس کی ذمہ داری؟
  2. علم۔ ضروری ہے!

- Muslim Family Values

  1. میں بڑا ہو کر ابوبکر بنوں گا!

- Qur'an and Tafseer

  1. N/A

- Ramadan and Hajj

  1. N/A

- Returning to Allah

  1. N/A

- Salah and Zakah

  1. واپس جاؤ اور نماز پڑھو، کیونکہ تم نے نماز نہیں پڑھی!

- Societal Issues

  1. میں جھوٹ تو نہیں بول رہا، بس مذاق کر رہا ہوں!
  2. جب دوست ایک دوسرے کو دکھ پہنچاتے ہیں
  3. کشتی ڈوبنے اس سے پہلےکہ

- Sunnah and Seerah

  1. N/A

- The Sahaabaa and Islam's Scholars

  1. N/A