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    Khutnah.com is a non-profit website, denoted to muslims world wide and provided by AlMaghrib Institute. This website provides you with khutbahs written or translated by AlMaghrib Professors to be used in any Friday Prayer khutbah.

    Most khutbahs and articles on this website are provided in english and many other languages, including French, Spanish, German ...etc. (Please Check our language list for more details)
Khutbahs by Shiekh Muhammad Alshareef are marked in Blue.
Khutbahs by Shiekh Yasir Qadhi are marked in Green.

Khutbah.com – Complete List of Khutbahs

- A Taste of AlMaghrib: AlMaghrib Insitute Seminar Excerpts

  1. Guiding to Allah by the Book: Fiqh ad-Da'wah

- Allah and His Angels

  1. Angles: Messengers with Wings (German, French, Spanish)
  2. The Struggle For One God (German, French)
  3. Du'a and Its Relationship with Destiny* (French)
  4. The Basis of Unity

- Community

  1. The Day We Lost Our Masjid (German, Bosnian, French)
  2. The Al-Huda Family Eid: Did You have this Much Fun?

- Education and Seeking Knowledge

  1. Islamic Schools: Who’s Responsible? (German, French, Spanish, Urdu)
  2. When are We to Understand? (German, French)
  3. Faith Has a Language (German, French)
  4. ‘Ilm – Gotta Have It (French, Spanish, Urdu)
  5. Humanity’s Teacher: 21 Teaching Techniques of the Prophet
  6. Why Should I Study Islam?

- Muslim Family Values

  1. The Third Parent (German, French, Spanish)
  2. My Mother, My Best Friend (German, French, Spanish)
  3. When I grow up I Wanna Be Abu Bakr! (German, French, Urdu)
  4. The Bitter Harvest*

- Qur'an and Tafseer

  1. Surah Quraish
  2. Surat Al-'Adiyat
  3. Surat Al-Qari'ah
  4. The Story of the Ifk

- Ramadan and Hajj

  1. The Call of Ibrahim (German, Bosnian, French, Spanish)
  2. Hajj - The Journey of Hearts (German, French)
  3. When the Night Equals a Thousand (German, French)
  4. Ramadan Warriors (German, Bosnian, French)
  5. Before the Sand Slips Away (German, French)
  6. 50 Things to do in Hajj
  7. The Best Planner

- Returning to Allah

  1. Goodbye My Beloved (German, French)
  2. Regret (German, French)
  3. Sabr or Shukr – The Worry Stops Here (German, French)
  4. In Search of Sincerity (German, French)
  5. Lazy Boy - It's All in Your Mind! (German, French)
  6. The Best Remembrance (French, Spanish)
  7. She's My Sister* (French)
  8. And the Winner is...
  9. Does Allah Love Us?
  10. Doomed to Love the Good
  11. Have You Ever Tasted Jannah?
  12. Returning to Allah
  13. What Can You do in 10 Minutes?

- Salah and Zakah

  1. Bathe Yourself with Money! (German, French, Spanish)
  2. Go Back and Pray, for You Have Not Prayed (German, French, Urdu)

- Societal Issues

  1. The Mountain Pass (German, French)
  2. How a Pearl Develops: A Khutbah for Muslim Women (German, Bosnian, French, Spanish, Malay)
  3. To Kill a Mocking Tongue (German, Spanish, French)
  4. Detain Injustice, Not Our Fathers (German, French, Spanish)
  5. I'm Not Lying; I'm Only Joking (French, Spanish, Urdu)
  6. When Friends Hurt Each Other (German, French, Urdu)
  7. Before the Boat Drowns (German, French, Spanish, Urdu)
  8. Hold that Tongue

- Sunnah and Seerah

  1. I Have Only Been Sent to Perfect Good Manners (French)
  2. Take Advantage of Five Before Five

- The Sahaabaa and Islam's Scholars

  1. Memoirs from the Life of Imam Ahmad
  2. Remove Him from this Land